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The Knot Agency is a specialist business support agency working only in the global leisure yacht market.


Specialising in progressive marketing and sales, but also deeply understanding that businesses comprise of multiple functions, we also offer all round business consulting services.


We assist in surpassing goals and objectives by customising our approach to suit your business and needs.  If you have a one-off project, need on-going support, want a second opinion, or have any uncertainty, The Knot Agency can help.


Our goal is to help our clients to grow, profit and stand out.  Fully understanding your business and customers, the unique challenges you face, alongside any opportunities to be exploited,  allows us to create and implement customised, innovative and affordable strategies and tactics.  We strongly believe that standing out from the crowd is vital for ongoing success and we aim to help our clients achieve this in the most cost effective but unique way.


Regardless of whether you are manufacturing, chartering, or selling yachts / yachting equipment; running a chandlery shop, marina or boat yard we are here to assist you in reaching your business goals.

Why knot ?


Think how important knots are on a yacht and how often they are used.  Knots tie things together, they secure, they mend, they reassure and hold together loose ends.  Without a knot, a piece of rope is… just a piece of rope!


We are tied to business success.  We work to carry out the tasks of the knot from a sales, marketing and business consulting perspective.  The knot symbolises the close business relationships we create with our clients and the awareness that our recommendations and actions are closely tied to their overall business success.


In the same way that a rope is composed of thousands of fibres and strands, we hold a deep understanding that our client’s businesses are complex.  All of the components are weaved together to make one functioning and purposeful structure.  Knot helps to tie together all the loose ends in the most effective and best value manner.  We analyse the whole picture to ensure that our work positively helps to achieve our clients’ objectives.

The team


We have big ambitions for The Knot Agency and our team is constantly growing to achieve them. We are a diverse team mixing experience with fresh thinking and creativity.  We also work with trusted and expert freelancers to provide the best service.

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